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Angie Urbina
Aquí Studio was created by Angie Urbina in 2017. Interactive Designer with a focus on Brand Identity, Editorial Design and Art Direction based in Paris. The displayed works showcase the multicultural background and context of her design.

Soon to obtain the Master Diploma of Digital Art Direction in Paris, her academic background also includes experience in Ecuador (Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design) and Sweden (exchange semester).

The integration of all of the experiences obtained abroad is what shaped the idea of Aquí Studio. Physically attained to a geographical location but deliberately, and mindfully, free to adopt new ideologies, praxis, languages and colorful projects. Her main objective being the creation of aesthetic and functional solution for the required services and, of course, (always) open-mindedness.

Estamos Aquí®. Please, get in touch for any inquiries or collaboration propositions.
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Special thanks to Alexandre Bronchain for the amazing coding skills!